At this very moment our teams are working towards ensuring quality service while respecting the health and safety protocols recommended by our government. We have always placed our guest and staff safety at the heart of our priorities and we will continue to do so, now more than ever.

We devote all our energy to making your stay as easy and pleasant as possible, while respecting the regulations and constraints. Hygiene and safety protocols have been adjusted in our hotel, restaurant and café to comply with the new guidelines.

This year, our services offered will be adapted depending on the situation. We continue to create and do that which we love and unites us.

Our safety conduct is as follows:


Concrete health measures are in place at the reception to facilitate and secure your arrival:

  • You will be greeted with a smile, even behind a mask. We are a homely establishment with a single reception office, limiting possible contamination,
  • We will help you from behind a Plexiglas to ensure a secure barrier, but each guest will have to wear a mask upon arrival and in all common areas,
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all common areas, and we will respect all the physical distancing instructions in force. As a result, we will no longer be able to accompany you to your rooms as usual,
  • We privilege online payments and invoices will be sent by email.
  • In this case, our payment terminal will be disinfected after each use.
  • Room keys are disinfected before each arrival.
  • Our luggage storage will be closed until further notice.


Your health is our absolute priority. Following are the sanitary measures that have been reinforced and put in place for your room or apartment - your private space during your stay:

  • Each room is ventilated and fully disinfected with virucidal products before the arrival of each client, just like before the epidemic,
  • The routine cleaning procedures already provided for the disinfection of sanitary facilities, bedroom surfaces (desk, bedside tables, etc.) and in particular telephones, remote controls, switches and door and window handles.
  • These cleaning and disinfection procedures will continue to be applied with greater vigilance,
  • Considering the additional precautions that the staff must take, (handling dirty linen, personal protection, etc.) the preparation time of the rooms will be extended.


  • After every visit, we will systematically replace all items made available to you, including the unused ones.
  • When you leave your room on the day of departure, we would be grateful if you would open the window and place all waste in the closed bin.


In order to avoid interaction:

  • Continental breakfast is served in your room or in the restaurant on a tray,
  • The trays will be prepared by a member of the team, wearing a mask and disposable or washable gloves,
  • The tray will be placed at the agreed time on the luggage rack from you room, which you will have placed in front of your door; once finished, we invite you to leave it in front of the door.

Use of the stairs is preferred, access to the elevator is limited to the occupants of one room.

Because it is possible to enjoy your holiday by taking a few simple steps!

All the teams of La Casa Marina in Saintes Maries de la Mer, Café Miramar & Playa Miramar in Le Grau du Roi